Revision History - Note that since PocketWarrior GPL release the CHANGELOG have is only updated on sourceforge...

Here are all the updates in the different versions.  Thanks for all the FEEDBACK!

Monday 09/12/2002

The Project have been released under GPL.
Pocketwarrior is now on source forge http://sourceforge.net/projects/pocketwarrior
WEP detection have been fixed in the current tree(CVS)

Saturday 07/12/2002

The Project have been submited to SourceForge, I am waiting for the response

Thursday 05/12/2002

The scan have been optimised, and is now faster... I would need some feedback of scan with multiple AP present at the same time... It should now update more than 1 AP at a time(but this is untested)
Start / Stop button are now hidden depending of if it's scanning or not...

Sunday 01/12/2002

The gui have been redesigned and a controlbar have been added
it's possible to shut the screenoff by pressing a Hot key( you have to set the key value in the registry ket SCREENOFFKEY the Button 1 is 0xC1, the button 2 is 0xC2, the button 3 is 0xC3, the button 4 is 0xC4, and the button 5 is 0xC5.
There is a more robust autodetection of the card, if the basic detection fail it will try to do a bruteforce check to identify the good dll.

Wednesday 27/11/2002
A wave in now played when a AP is detected
I cleaned the code and fixed a couple of small bug
Added support for Linksys
Added support for Compaq WL100

Tuesday 26/11/2002
I fixed the registry bug
It now have a registry parameter for the scan delay don't try to put it under 1000 it will be reseted at 3000 if you do so. Setting it under 1000 would make pocketwarrior to not work properly.
Now while scanning, your pocketpc should not poweroff i am resetting the idle counter every 30 seconds(WARNING: Check your battery because i don't check it yet)
It detect WEP
I added some radio signal quality (not sure if I am using the good value but when I get closed of my AP the number increase, it might be the noise signal))
It now store the IO .dll in the registry \HLM\SOFTWARE\PocketWarrior the 2 Parameter are PRISMDEVICE and PRISMIOCDLL, if your card is not detected correctly and you know those value you can write them manually
It now try to detect Toshiba e740, Reference Intersil Driver and Compaq WL100(I have no idea if this one work)

Monday 25/11/2002
I just made a new compile while including 2 quick fix
1- Show a message when starting or stopping scanning
2- Removed some bogus sleep while scanning

Sunday 24/11/2002
I am releasing a test version, well it's more a poor preview...
I have no idea how well it would perform in a environment where more
than 1 AP is accessible at the same time since I only had 1 AP available during the development
and I still didn't had time to test it.
It is bad, it is bugged but I know you are all waiting for it!
I would like to know how well it worked with different prism card, I have tested it on e740 only and I didn't code it for other card...
My next version will be configurable for other card
Only ARM version is available for now, and I have no idea if one day it will support a other platform...

Sunday 24/22/1002
Registration of the domain pocketwarrior.org. This webpage will probably be moved there in the following week.